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Change! What change?

Change is inevitable

There is a Malay proverb saying ‘Sekali air bah, sekali pantai berubah,’ which literally means, every time there is a high tide, the coastline changes. Change happens everywhere, everytime and the scale varies from a small change to a phenomenal change. It could be a slow incremental change or even a drastic transformational change.

Change can begin from within, or due to external demand. Change can be initiated by a common individual in an organization, or enforced by the higher rank.  And, for this looming GE13, the decision to change Malaysia is in our hands. We the citizens, have the power to bring Malaysia into the direction we want, at least until the moment we put down our vote. Once the balloting is done, then we no longer have much to say. It will be up to the new government to bring our Malaysia to the next level. Regardless of whichever party will be in power, change is inevitable. We, the people, would want that Malaysia as a developed nation could be realized by 2018, a new milestone set by the previous governing body.

This is an introduction of a series of articles that will dwell on changes, especially at organization and government level. Change, without a proper planning and management will only result in waste. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of resources, waste of effort… the winning party would not want to incur such wastes, especially if they wanted to stay in power once the next five-year ends.

Next – selecting change initiative, to garner the best impact!

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